Speed Optimization Process

This is how our workflow process
looks like

The First Meeting

On our first 45 minutes call we’ll go over
the performance issues, our initial findings
& expectations, the pricing and answer
any questions you have.
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Full Website Analysis

This is where we’ll have a closer look,
inspect your backend and server
performance and report back
to you with further details.

Staging Server & Optimization

We’ll duplicate your website on a staging
server and do all our work there so that
we don’t break your live website.

QA & Testing

Here our QA team will take over and test the
website pages and all the functionalities
to ensure there are no issues.
Then you or your team will inspect the website
for anything else that we may not be aware.

Live Website Implementation

After the QA stage is finished and you are happy
with the results we will start implementing
the changes to the live website.

Official Handoff

When the project get’s completed you will
receive the before and after reports,
documentations and recommendations to
keep your website fast.

Speed Optimization Call

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  • Learn more about our process.
  • Pricing.
  • And answer any questions you may have.
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